162 – Scarlett Etienne | Burning Man 2012-2013

Scarlett Etienne
Scarlett Etienne Photo by Karim V Tabar 6

Hello Everyone,

Titty Tuesday is going to be a bit different today. There won’t be as many mammaries for your viewing pleasure but there will still be plenty of eye candy. Just press play on the video player below.

    I have a few reasons for this post.

1. Scarlett is an excellent musician and a wonderful human being
2. Although I’ve never been to Burning Man, I’m fascinated by it, and for those of you like me, we can voyeur through this post together (planning to attend next year)
3. Several of my friends in NYC, London and Florida are featured in this post. Thank you Scarlett, Cain, Tanya, Nabi, Jasmine, David, Christi, Twee, Ahmed and Henry for allowing me to use your photos.

My fascination with Burning Man, aside from being a giant party in the desert with fabulous friends in outrageous costumes, is that it seems to change people and actually have a lasting effect. It would feel so liberating to disconnect from life– from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, from the job, home, pressures, stress– to have a few weeks of raw human interaction and to loosen the inhibitions a bit. It would also be lovely to be alone and quiet in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully I’ll find out next year.

Now on to Miss Scarlett…

She’s beautiful, talented, charming, stylish and hilarious. She pours herself into whatever it is she feels passion for whether it be music, dancing, fashion, etc. She works hard and it shows but she definitely has also mastered the ART of having FUN. We live in an age where many people are musicians but there aren’t a lot of “stars.” Scarlett was born to be a star. She’s intriguing, engaging and she has this energy about her that lures you in. She has sung and danced, produced and DJ’d her way to this point and I hope she continues to inspire and connect us. And let’s face it, she’s super fun to watch. Sexy ladyyyy. Scarlett is quite the starlet.

I’m so happy to share her track with you below. I was listening to this song last Saturday on repeat. I woke up around 11 AM, climbed to the roof of my Brooklyn apartment and basked under the Autumn-like Sun and cloudy blue skies. This is part of the reason I love music so much. I’m thankful that it can cause me to think- bring me to a new awareness, to heal and detox or to experience an emotion that I wasn’t originally feeling. I had a very positive uplifting morning which I took note of via Facebook (below).

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.36.14 AM

Scarlett and the Pixels – Disconnected ft. Felix Da Housecat Scarlett Photographed by Thomas Woland

[soundcloud id=”110227116″]

Scarlett Etienne by Thomas Woland

David Mccormack

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
Mother Teresaport-Burning-Man-Festival-620x414

bodyScarlett & Dani BM 2013Scarlett Etienne Photo by Anya WhiteScarlett Etienne9667705598_a03d071840_z Scarlett Etienne The Church Trap Scarlett Etienne 2 Scarlett Etienne Robot Heart Nabila Valentin & Jasmine Wilson BM 20122012 Burning Man burning-man-utopia Scarlett Etienne BM 2012 Twee Nguyen london_scott_balloonheads_burningman_2012Christ McGarry 3Scarlett Etienne Photo by Karim V Tabar 3Scarlett Etienne Burning ManDavid and Nabi Nabi and David Intelligent DesignScarlett Etienne by Karim V Tabar Burning_Man_generic Nabila Valentin by Greg Liburd Scarlett Etienne Photo by Anya White 2eyes Christi McGarry BM …Best Of... Nabila Valentin by David Hohme Heyermen BM2 Christi McGarry BM 201207ba36e5fef85aeaa88e522023af2256ceac7383_m David Winge 2The Temple of Whollyness BMChristi McGarry 5Scarlett Etienne Photo by Karim V Tabar 2Tanya MarieJasmine Wilson BM 2012 1Tanya Marie 1dance kitty Ahmed Hashim & Elena Gorelik David Winge 4 thrive_004

Jasmine Wilson Christi McGarry BM 2Scarlett Etienne Photo by Christian Lamb 2Christi McGarry BM.1

BM 2012 David, Jasmine Henry, NabiBurning-Man-2013_lead6 tumblr_mmu1gg3C4t1qg3iveo1_500Scarlett Etienne Photo by Karim V Tabar 5
I’ll leave you with Scarlett’s beautiful cover of “Karma Police” by Radiohead

Love to you.