Another World

I dreamt I was sleeping in the car with my mom (she died in 2005). I woke her and asked her if I could…


The Coup

Bachelor – Say Say I had the strangest dream last night…There was a coup and the military had taken power but they didn’t seem…

Jean-Baptiste Courtier

174 – Lovecraft65

Lovatron TT Mix #1 – by Lovecraft65 Today’s exclusive mix for Titty Tuesday # 174 is by Robert Mcmahon of Glasgow, Scotland, aka lovecraft65….


New World Order

Post-apocalyptic artwork found here www.crispme.com I sat in the back seat of an old yellow school bus packed full of high school students. The…


Soul Retrieval

Dreamt: July 2009 I dreamt this while I was in a meditation class in Brooklyn. The instructor’s voice led me out of the window…

Ophelia, by John Everett Millais


Dreamt: June 17, 2009 There was a woman in a white night gown trying to drown herself in a stream. She seemed peaceful about…



Dreamt: August 27, 2009 I was walking along a dirt path with a friend deep out in the country. We spotted an old rickety…


Death Cloud

Dreamt: July 31, 2009 I was in Iowa standing in an open field near a pond watching a storm front move in. Within the…