Into the aphotique

Hi Everyone, For today’s Titty Tuesday, I’m featuring a mix that was compiled between me and my counterpart, Sofia Kourtesis (MissSofie) for our new musical…


Another World

I dreamt I was sleeping in the car with my mom (she died in 2005). I woke her and asked her if I could…

spencer tunick

The Unveiling

VRIL live at Stattbad Wedding/Berlin 2014 4 AM Conversations: “I want to lift you up. I’ve never wanted to lift someone up so much before.”…


Fallait pas ecraser la queue du chat

<a href=”http://shop.bornbadrecords.net/album/clothilde-french-swinging-mademoiselle-1967″>CLOTHILDE – French swinging Mademoiselle 1967 by CLOTHILDE</a>  

sailor & i

Sailor & I

Turn Around EP Release Date: June 30th Purchase: iTunes “Sailor & I is a metaphor for two wills inside a person that are fighting…


Litl Biird

John Magee / Litl Biird – “Little Birds” Live I had the pleasure of meeting Litl Biird, aka John Magee, last weekend through my…