THIS IS AN EXCELLENT MIX!! And the entire amazing playlist is readily available. Check it out.

GhostlyCast #51: Miguel Senquiz – Sweat Red Smoke

Patricia – Drip Dawn


Hey friends,

If you’re in the NYC area and you’re feeling the itch to break up the week a bit, you should come out this Wednesday to the Panther Room for some good vibes, good drinks and most importantly, good music.Bring your magical energy and hang out with fun people!

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••• PUT IN WERK •••

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Deep Techno
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Deep House
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Deep Experimental
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Deep Dub

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The Coup

Bachelor – Say Say

245882I had the strangest dream last night…There was a coup and the military had taken power but they didn’t seem human- more like gray storm troopers. Hundreds of soldiers were dropping from helicopters and unloading from trucks, invading homes and killing everyone- taking their money and jewelry and anything of value. I lived alone in a little cottage high up in the mountains so I had a bit of an advantage because I could see the town below being attacked. I filled my backpack with food, clothing, and gear to hide out in a cave I knew of deeper into the woods.

I had a heavy metal box full of money but the currency were these huge thick heavy octangular gold and copper medallions- no paper bills. I was only able to grab a few of them before I heard helicopter blades above my house so I ran. I escaped and hid for a few days and when I returned they had taken everything and destroyed my home. There were bullet holes in the walls- they fired through my glass picture frames distorting the faces.

I knew I had to go into town to find others. I can’t remember everything but I remember we were loaded onto a bus and our forearms were all marked with black  hieroglyphic symbols. They would not let certain people ride the bus together depending on their symbols. I felt it was because some people had powers and if placed together with others symbols it meant we would be too powerful together.

There was an interesting looking girl (Japanese/Russian mix) sitting on the bus across from me with long dark black hair and these abnormally icy blue almond shaped eyes and a mischievous look on her face. She looked at me and secretly lifted her sleeve to show me her symbol- how she had manipulated the shape into another. I felt a connection with her like we were having a telepathic surge of power. She placed her finger over her lips to say “Shhh…things are about to get reckless.” But I WOKE UP. Ugh!!

177 – Erin Elizabeth Kelly Photography

Today’s Titty Tuesday is delightfully graced with the images of London/Dublin-based photographer,

Erin Elizabeth Kelly (EEK). 

All images below were shot by EEK (excluding gifs). Please enjoy the eye candy!

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Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day, almost!

Whether you’re single or taken, I hope you have FUN this V-Day,  and I hope you feel inspired to love differently (mix it up a bit).  If you’re feeling lonely, then give love. Show love. We can all use more of it. It doesn’t solely need to be romantic/eros. Love is friendship, your family, offering that homeless person a beer or a cup of coffee (be warned sometimes they yell or throw things at you but don’t worry about it), breaking bread with that elderly couple, helping a disabled person or a mother with her stroller up those steep, crowded MTA stairs, or that tiny girl with her gigantic luggage. And with all of this snowfall in NYC lately, offer to help shovel the sidewalks. Maybe it’s cooking dinner together, watching a movie and cuddling or maybe you will go on a magical date with your loved one or toss dollar bills out at the strip club. Or like me, maybe you’ll go dancing and listen to music that keeps a smile on your face (my loves) with friends. Whatever you choose to do with your day, I want you to feel good about it. V-Day might be much more fun if we had more random acts of kindness, less commercialism and more human interaction.

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”
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175 – Fresh Color – Sing With Me Tonight

Simplexia and Connection Refused for telling me the name of this AWESOME song that I’ve been playing every single day. I heard the first song by Fresh Color “Sing With Me Tonight” on a mix that I had previously downloaded from Soundcloud while riding the train to work Friday morning of last week. This song brought me to life that day. You know those songs that make you want to dance like you’re in a flash mob and grab the nearest stranger’s hands and get wild? This is one of those songs…at least for me. Below is the mix where I first heard the song: Cold Colors + Jordi Ares + Dani Simplexia @ Xiringuito Aigua

INSTANTLY, I became wildly obsessed and the search for this song turned into a wild goose chase. If you’re wondering why I didn’t simply ask Simplexia or Connection Refused the name of the song, it’s because I didn’t know where I downloaded it from. I DL’d the mix sometime in December and the file read, “TASCAM DR-05 DR 0000_0697″ which doesn’t help since I have a lot of music files that are titled as Tascam mixes (for those that don’t know, Tascam is a portable digital recorder).  Also, I am someone who is constantly searching for underground and new music every single day and the amount of music I go through is part of the reason why I don’t get a lot of sleep at night. I’m a FREAK. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet satisfaction I felt after these wonderful guys wrote me back after a 3 hour internet and history search. I hope you enjoy this band as much as I do and be sure to check out the mix above and each of their Soundcloud pages. Enjoy!  


tumblr_m9hhvdMoeO1rbrhnko1_500enhanced-buzz-9369-1342629768-8gia 1tumblr_m8lmmj4gGW1qjrlw4o1_500 198902brinkley michelle-pfeiffer-in-black-turtleneck-on-purple-photo-u1Paulina-Porizkova-15 obiwannd dance 95med_gia-carangi-new-york-city-1980-jpg mf3 94 65 pineapple6e7PaulinaPaulina-Porizkova-03lynda-carter-wonder-womanpopsicle85marcello-gandini-a-magician-of-car-design-2249_4 Emily-Ratajkowski-GIF-015paulina_porizkova_3breakfastclub77 LisaWelch_3rs1984LisaWelch_4brook_shields_ck1tumblr_mso8y2cLvk1qf5do9o1_400giaLindapianoliquidsky192DonJohnson99rrferrisbuellerPaulina_Porizkova_-Thursday-2 yacht yyxx

Lisa Bonetu80sDemi 1I1ht ody50Michelle-Pfeiffer-766x1024 tumblr_m84y3ktXEW1r3gb6ao1_50080sTGia_Carangi_C149aliquidsky2jT1iz

helenaDemi mPaulina_Porizkova_nakedTina97Gia_Carangi_C1121


174 – Lovecraft65

Lovatron TT Mix #1 – by Lovecraft65

Today’s exclusive mix for Titty Tuesday # 174 is by Robert Mcmahon of Glasgow, Scotland, aka lovecraft65. I discovered his amazing musical taste on Soundcloud and have lost a bit of sleep over his mixes because once I pressed play, I quickly realized I wanted to continue digging through more. There were so many bands I hadn’t heard of- both new and old. Robert has impeccable taste.

Because this post is a bit creepier than usual, I suppose it’s an opportune time to share a creepy dream with you as well. If that’s not your cup of tea, you may not want to read further…but it’s not so bad. All of my dreams have light at the end.


I dreamt that I lived alone in a tidy, cozy home in a typical suburban neighborhood. The carpet and walls were white and the furniture was minimal. I was watching the evening news; there were reports that a serial killer was on the loose in my neighborhood and to take extra precautions. As I watched several of the reports, I realized that I knew who the serial killer was. He was my friend and the lead singer of an Indie band (in real life). I don’t want to share which band because he was really upset that I told him about the dream in the first place.

After I realized who it was, I knew that he was coming for me next. I felt very calm, very peaceful. I made a nice meal for myself and put on a movie to kill the time while I waited for him to come.

Then I heard a knock on my door. Standing there was my friend holding a nail gun. I let him in and asked him if he was hungry. He said that he was, so we both sat side by side in recliner chairs and ate together. He seemed nervous and I could tell that he felt a terrible so I reassured him that it was okay and that I knew he was going to kill me. I didn’t want him to stress but I told him he had to finish the meal and the movie with me first. We did.

When it was time, I grabbed a towel and laid it on the carpet before him. In the event of excrement upon death, I didn’t want to ruin my white carpet (fortunately, that never happened). I removed my clothes and folded them in a pile beside me. Then I kneeled and faced him. He stood and aimed his nail gun toward my forehead about two arm-lengths away. He shot straight at me but missed. I felt the wind from the nail as it flew to the right of my ear.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“It’s ok. Try again.”

He shot again. Same result.

Bewildered he said, “I never miss. I always kill with the first hit. Again, I’m really sorry.”

“Third time is a charm,” I said through a weak smile, because now I was feeling a bit nervous and I wasn’t sure if when he finally did stick it, if it would be painful. I leaned to the right just a bit because I wanted to die “pretty.” This meant that I would die by falling to my side rather than my body contorting by falling backward or the nail pushing further into my forehead by falling forward.

“This is it,” I said. 

This time I knew that he wouldn’t miss. He shot the nail and it went straight into my forehead, killing me. But to my surprise, I felt no pain. In fact, I wasn’t completely sure that I was dead. I floated above my soulless body and watched my anxious friend as he cleaned up and left my house.

The police came. The detectives came. Then my friends, neighbors and news reporters crowded around my house restricted by the police tape. I shouted out “HEY” to them but nobody heard me. I still didn’t feel dead. I felt free. It was fun floating around. I knew that I could probably go somewhere else if I wanted to. But I started to feel sad that I couldn’t speak to my friends and that they couldn’t hear me or see me. I wanted to reassure them that I was still alive. I knew my body was dead but I wasn’t dead at all. I was just somewhere else.


29SONY DSC 2813 copy 33 78tumblr_mze7erCuJe1s8awu0o1_5006455bcele my 25ildydandelionbb32tumblr_mowi7fprLT1s7o71ao1_500a1over30inw2 ct31 32 800d70dd46dd49017fefc4f79ee10a9477d0aaa11_m299751b44bb24ab33163c2d424559be72a60a036_m663438554tumblr_mue4ss4Sb91reor0go1_50039noMarilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes, 19496956The LeLand | Reven 2008rd325_76 Magdalena Woskinska9945lc192inw160e771d0f34dbff9a65c1ef2de727ea6b71c2983ad_m

Jason Lee PerryCiara by Kesler Tran00 62Sigurd Grünberger if85ded9853898a5cdb75dea00ae15191end

Gazelle Twin
Lyrics by Colin Newman

I feel icy
I feel cold
I feel old
Is there something there behind me?
I’m sublime

I feel empty
I feel dark
I remark
I am mesmerised
By my own beat
Like a heartbeat
In it’s own beat
Like a heartbeat.














The Endorphin Project

SUPAKITCH x Damien elroy Vignaux x LOVATRON

“Endorphin” is a project of web series featuring contemporary artist Supakitch integrally tattooing the body of a canvas/model, Angie Jenkins, aka Lovatron.

The process spans over 10 sessions and episodes of 3mn length. Each session takes place in a different and remarkable location around the world, starting with Le Bain at The Standard Hotel High Line in New York City:

The series is shot by Berlin-based fashion photographer and director Damien “Elroy” Vignaux.

Elroy has successfully directed a video showing the making off of a mural painting by Supakitch and accomplice Koralie at the People’s Art Museum of Goteborg, Sweden (http://vimeo.com/15076572), watched more than one million times to date, and counting.

Music composed by Guillaume Kläaar of Oblast

“Endorphin” is looking for a cutting edge brand to participate in the web series development.

Contact: Joss Hirsch @ Bovary productions : joss.hirsch@gmail.com
Lovatron by Damien Elroy Vignaux The Standard Hotel NYC



Damien Elroy Vignaux Photography - Endorphin.Lovatron.2

Damien Elroy Vignaux Photography - Endorphin.Lovatron.4

Damien Elroy Vignaux Photography - Endorphin.Lovatron.1

Damien Elroy Vignaux Photography - Endorphin.Lovatron.3

Photos above by Damien elroy Vignaux. More here:


Jungle - Drops

inside22 jr x52 3Tono Stano 12inw272tumblr_myb3iuNCYS1qbklpto1_500lctumblr_mh33azFJnl1rhzql0o1_500 otumblr_mv68pgXMqE1qaiojwo1_500Damien Elroy Vignaux 2wrdsLiza by David Bellemere - Playboy 2013t1 Jaq by Damien Elroy Vignaux73 74wax Damien Elroy Vignaux8Michelle by Damien Elroy Vignaux 5782 6 7 9inw5m276Liam Grant10356 212025 interesting-retro-photos6571tumblr_m38cst9IDx1qz4sqro1_500 Jaq by Damien Vignaux 12 13 18 1700167 1614 1598141969 4 of 7 Sheila-Marquez-by-Alvaro-Beamud-Cortes-for-S-Moda-2 pageimage-_eliotleehazel-com-runningfield_mg_5169 222
79 77inw1 b1m1coast



































January 9th


BCBG – White Trees (Opale remix)

Neud Photo – “INTERFACE” snippets. New LP on ELECTUNES

Velvet Condom – “Collapse In Slow Motion”

Circa Tapes – Enntenaa

Cold Colors – L’amour sans toi


Sfire – Sfire2 *Snippet*






170 – Sun

From Kid – “Sun” (Lou Teti Mix)

Lou Teti on Soundcloud

David Hasert – Low Hanging Fruit 001 (Mix)

“Let the sun go up and I’ll meet you there.”
~From Kid

She was so happy when she was around him. It wasn’t the same happiness that she was accustomed to, but a joy all its own- immeasurable and undefinable. But sadly, she couldn’t always enjoy the moment because she was already thinking of the ending. How could she continue this path when it was so overwhelming, sometimes stressful? Her body felt heavy when she was away from him and her body felt heavy when she was with him because she didn’t know how to love without struggle. She wasn’t strong enough to contain it. Not yet.

But when she was successful at removing her insect fears from her mind and ears and the aged beliefs that coiled her head, she let it be. Time stood completely still- so silent, so peaceful, like being swallowed by a blanket of warm water and held close like a mother or a father. Her soul could not stop smiling. She floated through galaxies and kaleidoscope light- just there with the spirits and angels. And if you could see her in the night sky, she would be the brightest star. And he would be the brightest with her.

2565_df3440 37 41 38 60 39 14 05 55 90 03 48 51 73 01Underwater_Series_03 by Evelyn Henriquez 1229tumblr_mcrnrbJzs51rg318go1_500 6 01 43 50 bt2 15 35interesting-retro-photos32dry pink 61 111 6 By Evelyn Henriquez 09 11 42 07 adidastumblr_mxjm03P3LN1qg3iveo1_500 theci 02 13shooting star2houseboat interesting-retro-photos84 mC_Mr2uTAYN6UuHqd0Drfw 17 2322 NADIA LEE COHEN bt1 00 fallcoastaltumblr_mnp2mfLRXU1snhncho1_r1_400