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150 Suzanne Kraft – Maybe Snakes (Permanent Vacation Remix) Thank you for this song A.S. “You dance inside my chest where no one sees…

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“First love never dies, but true love can bury it alive.”        


Psyk – Arcade EP

Psyk Arcade EP [Mote Evolver] 12″ here | Digital format here Psyk – Arcade EP Raffaele Attanasio – Wrszw [Non Series] Savas Pascalidis –…


Soul Retrieval

Dreamt: July 2009 I dreamt this while I was in a meditation class in Brooklyn. The instructor’s voice led me out of the window…

Ophelia, by John Everett Millais


Dreamt: June 17, 2009 There was a woman in a white night gown trying to drown herself in a stream. She seemed peaceful about…



Dreamt: August 27, 2009 I was walking along a dirt path with a friend deep out in the country. We spotted an old rickety…


Death Cloud

Dreamt: July 31, 2009 I was in Iowa standing in an open field near a pond watching a storm front move in. Within the…